In light of the Covid Pandemic, many companies are having to foot the bill of upping their cleaning programme to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers. ST Extreme cleaning were keen to help out in this crisis and asked Essex to nominate a business on their Facebook page that they felt needed help in getting back to work. Shane Catney was quick to nominate Creatives Hub in Colchester and in doing so, secured a FREE deep clean for the hub. The hub houses 6 businesses in its premises in Colchester, so ST Extreme Cleaning felt it was a suitable winner as they wanted to help as many businesses as possible get back to work in a safe fashion. Runners up included Snips hairdressers in Pitsea and DanceWorld Stage school in Laindon, who received FREE hand sanitisers.

Tom Prior Director of ST Extreme Cleaning reports: “It’s a natural reaction to want to open the doors quickly to get money rolling into the business again, but we urge companies to address how they are going to keep their environment clean first. You have to examine all the high touch points and how you are going to keep them clean from COVID. Whether you are a retailer or an office, your employees are going to feel anxious about returning, if you can reassure them that their workspace is clean from Covid, then they can return happy and safely.”

Tom explains that cleaning against Covid doesn’t have to break the bank or damage the environment.

“It’s a natural reaction to want to disinfect the premises regularly but traditional chemical cleaners can have negative effects. They only kill 99.9% of the viruses, and although that sounds great that .01% remains on surfaces and quickly multiplies. Our probiotic products, work in a similar fashion to that of probiotic yogurts and drinks. They contain ‘good’ bacteria which remain on surfaces and kill bad bacteria for up to 3 days. Ensuring an office or store can be safer for longer. This also cuts down on cleaning costs, something which is hitting post lock down budgets hard. The probiotic products are also safe for the environment which is great as we don’t want to see a surge in harmful chemical usage post lockdown. Let’s emerge from lockdown with a new sense of responsibility for our environment.”

Shane Catney Design Director of Innerscope Media and Director of Creatives Hub is always looking for ways to help the businesses within the hub thrive. He says: “Although it’s easier for us to work from home than those from other sectors, creative businesses benefit from being around one another. So to get back in the office with likeminded people is a great joy and thanks to ST Extreme Cleaning the journey back to work has been simpler and safer.”



Background information

ST Extreme Cleaning is a family run business owned by twins Tom Prior and Sam Collins. They have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic to fight Covid in schools and hospitals and also to help businesses open their doors again across Essex and London. They are not only cleaning premises, but they are also offering an added value care package whereby they are educating businesses about the need to have the cleaning programme elevated to board room level, to safeguard the health of employees, customers and therefore ultimately the business. They are helping business with their PR plan communicating cleaning rotas and cleaning products to the public and employees to reassure them that business can continue throughout the coronavirus.

ST Extreme Cleaning use probiotic cleaning products called Ingenious Probiotics that are better at cleaning, better for health and better for the environment.


Creatives Hub

In the heart of Colchester Town, this unique collaborative and friendly space houses 6 offices and a communal kitchen and space for creative businesses to flourish and connect together.

Innerscope media, UK Jobs in Care and Security Interim work at the hub. There is currently space for 3 small businesses or solopreneurs from any sector who are looking for an affordable working environment for those affected by the aftermath of Covid 19.


For more information

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