Tom Prior of ST Extreme Cleaning discusses various cleaning techniques and services that can be deployed in the workspace while we continue the battle against COVID-19. The webinar contains practical advice for employers and employees on how they can help keep their immediate workstation as clean as possible. Including details of a cleaning service known as fogging. Hear about bacterial infections and how bleach based products are aiding their rise in numbers; followed by a brief description about probiotics and why they are a good alternative to promote a safe and healthy environment. ST Extreme Cleaning is a family business owned by twin sister and brother Sam and Tom, providing cleaning solutions in the form of regular and one off cleaning services to a wide range of industries.  A large portion of their time is now spent advising and then implementing tailored solutions for clients with specific cleaning needs around COVID-19.  This webinar is part of the ‘Backing Brentwood Business’ series, which is supported by the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, Brentwood Borough Council and Brentwood Business Partnership. The aim of the series is to give our local companies the chance to ask experts their Covid-19 business support questions and receive answers in real time.


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