Cleaning those hard to reach areas

ST Extreme cleaning offer cleaning at height to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Cleaning high areas can be a difficult and also dangerous task to perform. It is not easy to carry this type of specialist cleaning out effectively without sufficient tools, skills and knowledge. Our team are fully trained to carry out all high-level cleaning jobs thoroughly and professionally. Our specialists know the best methods to successfully clean all hard-to-reach areas quickly and safely. Our cleaning services can be slotted into your routine for minimum disruption and are a cost-effective way to achieve ultimate cleanliness for those high-level areas.

We have the platforms, ladders, machinery and poles to access all areas off the ground as well as the best cleaning tools, products and methods to perform an outstanding job. We clean interior as well as exterior high-level areas. Keeping these parts of a building well maintained will not only save you but time also money.

We employ modern cleaning techniques that mean even the trickiest items to reach will be left shining like new. We clean all high-level surfaces, such as:

  • Lighting fixtures and fittings
  • Air conditioning units
  • Extractor fans
  • The top of tall furniture
  • Above cupboard and cabinets
  • The tops of tall shelving
  • High-level ledges
  • Ceilings
  • Pipework
  • Beams

ST Extreme Cleaning’s high-level cleaning service could save you having to pay out for replacing and repairing forgotten about fixtures due to neglect and dirt build-up. It can be easy to neglect high-level areas when looking at your cleaning routine but It is just as important to keep this area well maintained as it is for ground level. Out of sight out of mind is a good expression as we often forget to clean the areas we do not see.  Our health and safety procedures ensure all work is carried out safely and your cleaning is done to the highest level of hygiene.

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