What is ST Extreme Cleaning USP (Unique Selling Point)

Probiotics and reliability. Many cleaning companies claim to use green products but trying to find out more information around those products usually proves difficult. As you can see from our Blogs we try to give you as much in depth information about the probiotics as possible. Aside from our products we can also live up to the following claim ‘We do what we say we are going to do’. There is nothing more frustrating than when someone over promises and under delivers. As a Family run business with client satisfaction at our core we put ourselves into your shoes and once we have agreed outcomes/expectations we deliver.

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What are your payment terms?

We offer a 30 days payment terms to accommodate our clients. However, please note these payment terms are not applicable for End of Tenancy cleans whereby we expect payment on completion of the job.

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What makes you Extreme

The 'ST' in our company name stands for Sam and Tom who started the company. Guess what? They are twins! But, really they are so different from each other that people say the difference is  EXTREME! So they used it to name the company. They thought it was a fun way to show the difference

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Are your staff paid minimum wage?

No, our staff are paid above the minimum wage starting at £10 per hour, with the rate varying based on the task and required skill level. For instance, employees trained in IPAF/PASMA, which qualifies them to work at elevated heights, receive a higher wage due to their specialized skills. The demands of cleaning, especially underscored

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Do you work weekends?

Yes absolutely. At ST Extreme Cleaning we do work weekends, days, evenings and nights. We will work around our clients needs and provide our cleaning services both regular and ad-hoc at the time that proves least disruptive to your business.

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Probiotics – What are they?

Bacteria is made up of both good (probiotic) and bad (Pathogens) and should remain in a microbial balance that is in favour of good bacteria. It is only when this balance starts to increase on the pathogen side that problems such as bacterial infections start to occur. Probiotics are naturally sourced from plants and are

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