Why does it matter to us?

Sam had been running her own cleaning business for over a decade and during that time she had trialled hundreds of products. The traditional chemical based products such as bleach left Sam with headaches as well as skin sensitivities. She was keen to try products that were less harmful to her health. This led her to investigate more environmentally friendly products as those seem to be better for the operative’s health too.

Tom had recently had a young family and was keen to explore products that wouldn’t damage the environment which they were going to grow up in.

Why are chemicals so harmful?

To begin, we researched what was in our products that we were using and looked at the often hidden truth as to how these are bad for us. As consumers we often full into the trap of thinking that the manufacturers wouldn’t be allowed to sell it to us if it was that harmful, but unfortunately as we discovered that is a false sense of reality. Bleach which comes in a variety of forms in both industrial and home cleaning products can have a number of known health and environmental side effects.

Bleach is incredibly harmful, as it can…

  • cause stinging in your nose and eyes, coughing, and light headedness, all of which are symptoms that indicate the corrosive properties of the substance.
  • damage your skin and eyes.
  • cause irritation and burning.
  • lighten skin pigment and permanently damage tissue.
  • emit fumes that can cause respiratory illness, and increase the likelihood of asthma and allergies.
  • interact with other commonly used chemicals, for instance, when bleach comes in contact with ammonia, it can react to form chlorine gas, which causes cellular damage in the nasal passageways and lungs.
  • hurt your pets. Cleaning floors etc with bleach can mean that cats and dogs can inadvertently ingest it after they have groomed themselves. This can sometimes result in vomiting, convulsions, and sadly even death.

Bleach puts the Environment at Risk

Bleach can have harmful effects on a much larger scale than just your office.

Once in the water, bleach reacts with other chemicals to form, among other products, dioxins. Greenpeace claims dioxin is one of the most dangerous chemicals in history and warns that it can contribute to cancer, endocrine disorders and other health risks. West Virginia University also conducted a study and discovered that dioxins can be associated with low sperm count, testicular cancer and breast cancer.

You may remember dioxins are also one of the reasons why bald eagles almost became endangered in the 1970s.

What is Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and why is it important?

We’ve all heard parents discuss the benefits of kids rolling around in mud to build up their antibodies. There is evidence that suggests that our ability to cope with disease is being harmed by continuous use of chemical cleaning products.

Antimicrobial resistance is when microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites) mutate as they are exposed to antimicrobial drugs (such as, antifungals and antivirals).

This is a serious threat to our health long term, Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is likely to kill 10 million people every year by 2050 – more than cancer and diabetes combined. Bacteria are progressively resisting chemical disinfectants that used to work. If we don’t change our attitudes to cleaning we risk antibiotic resistant and healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) becoming an unbeatable threat. (Ingenious Probiotics)

So what can we use to clean?

Ingenious Probiotic products work in a similar fashion to that of probiotic yogurts and drinks. They contain ‘good’ bacteria which remain on surfaces and kill bad bacteria for up to 3 days. Ensuring an office or store can be safer for longer.

Benefits to the staff

We have been using the products for a year and have had no side effects yet the results are still as impressive and it’s wonderful to know that we are not harming our clients health or the environment.

Is it more expensive?

Initially it is fractionally more expensive but as the cleaning doesn’t have to be as regular we find most of our customers find its comparable to their previous budget some have even found they’ve spent less.

Is Green good enough?

Going green with your cleaning regime doesn’t mean you are going easy on the germs, in fact the opposite is true. If you blast surfaces with traditional chemicals they kill bacteria quickly however that miniscule of bacteria that is left behind is allowed to multiply and soon after, your surfaces are flooded with bacteria again. However, the probiotic products we use Ingenious probiotics work in a similar fashion to that of probiotic drinks and foods. Their friendly bacteria kill the bad bacteria and don’t allow it to return, ensuring your surfaces stay cleaner for longer.

What green products do we use?

Provilan probiotics are naturally occurring helpful bacteria, which are sourced from plants such as colza and beans. They safely and effectively restore healthy microbial balance to whatever they touch, and are completely safe for adults, children, animals, fish and the environment. (see www.ingenious-probiotics/ for full research)

We are also privileged that Ingenious are also based in Essex so we don’t have to worry about unnecessary airmiles.

Our future…

We recognise that this is a small step in the right direction. As a company our long-term dream is to be as green as possible, we would like to have

  • green transport
  • better waste management
  • reduction of our plastic consumption of bottles
  • Reduction of our use of PPE
  • Reduction of the amount of water we use
  • environmental accreditations.

If you have ideas that can help us achieve our green aim we would love to hear from you.

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