Offering a cleaning service in and around Basildon like no other. St Extreme Cleaning will ensure all hospital cleanliness is taken seriously and carried out to the highest standard.

Ensuring all cleaning and hygiene rules are applied St Extreme Cleaning has been providing the Basildon and surrounding areas with safe and sanitised hospital areas like no other. Knowledge of what’s required, under rigorous guidelines, leaves no doubt in the client’s mind that the job will be undertaken on a professional level and that a greater understanding of what’s entailed to keep hospitals in the Basildon area clean, safe and ready to use is implemented every time.

We understand that every inch of surface is treated and cleaned in the correct manner and that all hospital facilities remain at a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, using only the best quality products to carry out the job.

When health and safety is at its utmost importance, our aim is to keep the people of Basildon and the surrounding areas safe. Our years of experience and professionalism allow us to provide Basildon with the highest standard of cleanliness that hospital staff and patients deserve.

We clean hospital buildings of all sizes and all across the Basildon and neighbouring areas. We offer regular AND one-off cleans, sanitising and cleaning buildings, facilities, departments and many other requirements.

If you would like to know more and wish to speak to someone regarding hospital cleaning in or around the Basildon area then give us a call on 07851 859677 or email: