Ensuring schools and colleges are cleaned to the highest standard possible in and around Chelmsford are one of our many priorities. As a business, we understand the need to provide a service that is second to none.

Years of experience has led us to be one of the most reliable cleaning companies around for Chelmsford and its surrounding towns. Our staff are all highly skilled and trained to clean schools and colleges so that pupils, staff and parents are given a safe environment to learn, teach and be present at.

We give all our clients outstanding customer care and provide peace of mind that all cleaning jobs are carried out to a standard that goes above and beyond. Using premium reliable cleaning products to carry out the task in hand is very important, that’s why we never cut corners when it comes to providing the best cleaning for our Chelmsford customers.

Knowing our schools and colleges are cleaned to the highest standard in and around Chelmsford gives us a sense of pride and we look to continue offering our outstanding services for many more years to come.

Looking to hire a professional cleaning company offering services in the Chelmsford area? Then look no further. Here at St Extreme Cleaning, we are here to help, assist and take care of your school or college. Call us on 07851 859677 or email: info@stextremecleaning.com