At ST Extreme Cleaning we understand the pressures you face to ensure your offices are kept hygienic and clean for your staff.

We are working with our clients to provide an all-round service to address the needs of their offices.  Some of the services we provide are;

  • Meeting CIBSE TM40 hygiene, wellness & air quality in building environment recommendations
  • Reducing the risk of spreading bacterial infections by using specialist probiotic cleaning products and carrying out regular deep cleans
  • Using products that are bio-degradable and contribute towards a circular economy in multiple ways. For example we use products delivered in ocean recycled plastics with refill options and improving waste water management
  • Improve the ongoing health of your cleaning staff by removing harsh chemicals from cleans. (Many studies on the health effects when regularly exposed for 10 years – this is a study on the health of the cleaning operatives –

We are investing in using pro-biotic cleaning products which use naturally occurring, helpful, non-mutative (‘good’) bacteria – one of nature’s most powerful assets. They are vegan, sourced from plants such as rapeseed and beans, and are completely safe for adults, children, animals and the environment.

These helpful probiotics naturally and thoroughly clean whatever they touch – whether hard and soft surfaces, animal hair and skin, or polluted land and water. They inhibit opportunistic, pathogenic (‘bad’) bacteria and reduce bio-allergens, bio-hazards and fungal spores. This makes them highly effective at infection prevention and allergy management. They work in a natural and mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and significantly improves:

  • Infection prevention – by inhibiting opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria & removing fungal spores.
  • Allergy management by reducing bio-allergen triggers – including pollen, dust mite faeces & animal dander.
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) by removing mould & odour bio-hazards. (Adding Ingenious air purification also removes polluting chemicals & particulates).

To hear more about how ST Extreme Cleaning can help you and your business please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for a no obligation discussion.


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