Cleaning is something that usually happens behind the scenes, but now it has to take centre stage if we are to gain customers trust again. Your cleaning regime should be a boardroom discussion whilst we deal with the Covid19 pandemic. Many large businesses are detailing how they are intending to stay Covid Free, as they recognise without reassuring their customers, they won’t enjoy a post lockdown comeback. As many consumers have enjoyed shopping online during the lockdown, it may take all your persuasion powers to convince consumers to come back to the high street.


So how do you reassure your customers?

Make cleanliness part of your PR plan. Show off pictures of your cleaners deep cleaning your premises, put up signs saying how you have cleaned the store and how regularly you are doing it. These initiatives will show that you care about your customers and employee’s welfare. We are providing our customers with an added value care package which includes store signage, presentation to employees and PR support detailing the science behind our probiotic cleaning products. We hope that this will reassure employees and customers alike.

Before Covid, cleaners were often seen at the lower echelons of a workplace. We should return from Covid with a new respect for these saintly professionals and give your cleaners the hero’s welcome they deserve. They will be keeping you safe!