Your workspace is where you spend a large portion of your time, so it must be a clean and pleasant environment. An office space needs to be presentable not only to create a professional impression but also to boost productivity. A nicer environment is less stressful and easier to work in, and a clean and clutter-free office is key for professionalism, health and productivity.

It can be a struggle running a business and keeping on top of day-to-day cleaning. The best way to ensure your office cleaning is highly efficient is to employ a reputable cleaning company such as ST Extreme Cleaning. However, if you are managing your office cleaning yourself, here are a few things to consider:

Desks and tables – Cluttered, dusty or tea/coffee stained desks are a big no-no. Be sure to dust and tidy your desk daily, wiping any spillages and shredding any unwanted paper.

Handles – Door, cupboard and desk handles should be wiped to eliminate bacteria.

Kitchen – All kitchen appliances should be clean and hygienic. This includes the microwave, kettle and fridge as well as all surfaces and cupboards.

Bins – Bins should be emptied frequently and not be left to overflow.

Carpet – Office carpets have regular footfall, and this means carpets should be hoovered daily. A deep clean may be required periodically to keep your carpet looking presentable and smelling fresh.

Fingerprints – Windows and screens should be fingerprint and smear-free.

Fresh smell – Air fresheners, flowers and a sound air conditioning system can all help your office environment smell fresh and pleasant.

Dust – Computers and printers accumulate dust very quickly. Screens, towers and keyboards will fast gather dust if not cleaned regularly. This could cause allergy issues, so ensure dust does not build up.

Skirtings – Skirting boards can easily be overlooked, but they can attract dirt and dust at a surprising rate. These should be wiped clean frequently.

Cobwebs – All corners, ceilings and behind fixtures should be regularly checked and cleaned to ensure cobwebs are not forming.

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