As parents ourselves we understand the dilemma you face, do we, or don’t we send our children back to school? We are hoping to put parents minds at rest as we work with nurseries, schools and colleges to make sure their environment is as clean and safe as possible. We hope that by minimising the risk of infection on surfaces, kids can get back to learning in the classroom instead of the kitchen.

At ST Extreme Cleaning we use probiotic cleaning products which stay on surfaces for longer, attacking bad bacteria for longer, so the school stays cleaner for longer. They also have the added benefit of being safe for children, unlike traditional chemical products that can cause problems with breathing and skin allergies. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about the power of probiotic cleaning.

But whatever your choice of cleaning make sure it’s top of your school’s agenda rather than something that happens at the end of each day. Ensure you are communicating to parents, teachers and pupils about what you are doing to keep them safe, just as the retail and business sector are.

As part of our school’s package, we are happy to help with publicity material that will communicate with parents what the regime will be and why, and also give a presentation to teachers and pupils examining the science behind cleaning in the classroom.

For more information, please contact us on 07851 859677