School and College Cleaning Services in Colchester

Here at St Extreme Cleaning, we provide Colchester and the surrounding towns with a number of professional cleaning services. All tailored to the individual needs of educational premises, such as schools, colleges and universities.

All staff members have been trained and are highly skilled in the cleaning trade. St Extreme Clean take pride in their ability to provide outstanding cleaning services to the Colchester area to each and every one of its customers and can arrange cleaning schedules to suit staff, pupils and the general public, so cleaning can take place with no intrusion to others.

Our services cover large areas such as Colchester and most educational buildings present many types of rooms from canteens and halls to science labs and cloakrooms, all with different needs. With our expert knowledge in professional cleaning, all these areas will be treated and cleaned accordingly, following strict guidelines, to keep public areas safe and clean.

With many years of providing Colchester and the surrounding areas with outstanding cleaning services, we have a team of experts that understand what is needed when it comes to educational buildings. Cleaning equipment and high-quality products are all on hand so our staff can ensure the job is carried out to the highest standard.

If you need a professional cleaning company to guarantee a clean and safe place to learn, in and around the Colchester area, then please give us a call on 07851 859677 or email: